Car Repair Sandy

Are you getting more than you bargained for?

Honesty is more than a word; it’s a way to operate in the world. When you need car repair in Sandy you want to choose an honest garage. You want to know the experts you’re entrusting with the care of your vehicle with are looking out for you. That means diagnostics that don’t skew the facts. At Lomeli Auto Repair and Sales that’s how we operate.

We never overstate problems, we never sell you services you don't need, and we always do the highest quality work.

Choose the auto repair shop that has your back. Honest auto care is what Lomeli’s is known for. Schedule your car repairs today.

Car Repair Sandy

Choose complete car repair services from experienced mechanics.

We don’t say we can fix it for nothing. If you’ve got a problem with your car we can handle it. As a full-service auto mechanic in Sandy we don’t just work on general maintenance problems. Places like oil change and tire shops don’t have the capacity or skilled labor to handle complicated issues. We do. That means you’re covered for vehicle problems that include the diagnostics and repair of:

  • Brake problems and replacements.
  • Transmission issues and repairs.
  • Clutch diagnostics and replacements.
  • Electrical system failures.
  • Check engine light diagnostics.

  • Engine repairs and maintenance.
  • Auto AC malfunctions and failures.
  • Exhaust leaks and repairs.
  • High-mile vehicle servicing.
  • Dealer recommended maintenance services.

Call us today to schedule your vehicle servicing!

When you need quality auto repairs in Sandy choose Lomeli. We fix the essentials, communicate our diagnostic findings in full, and never make recommendations we wouldn’t take ourselves. Get honest service right here. Call or contact us today.