Check Engine Light Sandy

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Sandy
When your check engine light illuminates it can be intimidating. With modern vehicles computers capable of detecting problems in every area of your vehicle, knowing whether it’s something minor or major is impossible without technical help. At Lomeli Auto Repair and Sales we’ve got the tools and the technical ability to provide you with the diagnostics and auto repair you need.

What does a check engine light mean?

When this light is illuminated it means your engine control unit or module (ECU or ECM) has detected a problem. It’s your car’s central computer for processing incoming data from all the other sensors in your vehicle. When something is off, it knows it, and it stores an error code in its memory.

We’ve got the necessary equipment to identify the error code. This allows us to quickly identify what’s wrong with your car. These errors aren’t always correct, and they don’t always mean something is wrong. That’s where verification comes in.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

It’s crucial to verify your check engine readings. These allow us to determine the actual extent of the problem, how to proceed, and whether or not any other areas have been affected. Our technicians take the time to thoroughly investigate and evaluate the problem. Before we proceed we’ll cover everything with you in full.

Get a consultation you can trust.

Our technicians never over-sell our findings. Whether it’s a serious problem, minor, easy to fix or difficult, we want you to know. That’s the best way for you to make an informed decision about the state of your vehicle. We do offer incredibly affordable repairs in the event you require work, and all of our replacement parts meet or exceed factory specified recommendations for your vehicle.

Stop by today to have your engine light checked.

We can quickly check your ECM readings and identify any codes your light is indicating. This makes it simple and easy to find out what’s wrong. Don’t wait, whether it’s an emergency or a simple fix, you want to know and we can tell you. Call or contact us today to find out more or just stop on by!